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HDPE/PP Woven bags are plastic woven bags made of polypropylene, which is extensively worn for material packing for fertilizer, cement, sand, food grains, sugar, cattle feed and many other industries. We are renowned as the foremost manufacturer and supplier of HDPE/PP Woven bags having the advantages of lighter weight, higher strength, better corrosion resistance, tear resistance and a wider variety of usage in comparison with PE woven bags or PVC woven bags.   We manufacture the HDPE/PP woven sack bags with most efficient and advanced technology with whole sole in-house process that is tape and fabric from a wellknown branded machinery, automatic bag conversion machine, printing with advanced technology 6-colours flexo printing machine with all kind of hygienic Enviroment all around the factory premises.
PP Woven fabric is available in laminated and un-laminated form. These fabrics are used in different industrial segments like Bag manufacture, Fertilizers, Cement, Polymers, Chemicals, Textiles, Machinery and Food grain packing. These PP Woven Fabrics have found utility in wrapping paper bundles, making bags on automatic cutting and stitching machines. Polypropylene Woven fabrics are strong, economical and dependable packaging option for wide range of commercial as well as industrial commodities.   Our range of high quality laminated and un laminated HDPE fabrics are widely used for wrapping of steel coils, tyre, yarn cones and other industrial products. All the layers of the fabric are treated with UV stabilizers to provide excellent protection and longevity. These fabrics can also be used for covering aircrafts, trucks, tempos, trailer trucks, railway wagons, storage of industrial machines (Without shed in open), agriculture products.